How to Fix If the FireStick Remote Is Not Working (2024)


If your FireStick remote isn’t working, this article will attempt to offer possible solutions. Please read until the end. You might find the fix you’re looking for.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Not Working

Over the past year, I have faced several issues with the FireStick TV remote. Some are minors, others major. In one case, Amazon shipped a replacement device.

Last month, I prepared for a weekend watch with a tub of popcorn and an endless supply of drinks. The intention was to binge a new documentary series. Unfortunately, things quickly deteriorated. The FireStick remote refused to work and left me in a pickle.

The first thing I did was remove the battery and put it back in. Nothing happened. I followed several troubleshooting steps and finally resolved the issue. It could be anything from a dead battery to a damaged FireStick remote. In the following section, I will explain the probable causes and solutions to FireStick remote problems.

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9 Ways to Fix FireStick Remote Not Working

The FireStick remote may stop working due to hardware or software issues. Fortunately, you can resolve the majority of problems in a short time. Let’s take a look at common FireStick remote issues and the corresponding fixes.

1. Make sure your FireStick remote is paired

The FireStick remote pairs with the stick via IR or CEC. Each device is associated with a specific remote control. Pairing occurs when you first set up the FireStick or after a return to factory settings.

However, the remote control can be automatically unpaired. Additionally, the new generation of FireStick remotes use WiFi. So, it is essential to check your Internet connection.

The FireStick remote is paired

Pairing the FireStick remote when you get a replacement is also essential. Fortunately, the pairing process is simple. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure the FireStick is plugged into the HDMI port on your TV.
  2. Turn on the Firestick and your TV.
  3. The Fire TV splash screen will appear. While this is happening, hold the Home button on the remote control for 10 seconds.
  4. Ideally, the remote should be paired with the FireStick. If this is not the case, try to maintain the Home button longer (20 seconds).

2. Check if your FireStick is paired with more than 7 devices

A common misconception is that the FireStick can only be paired with one remote. The truth is that it supports up to seven Bluetooth devices, including gamepads and wireless headphones.

Check if your FireStick is connected to more than seven Bluetooth devices. If yes, the new device will not pair. Follow the steps below to unpair from other devices.

1. Open Settings from the FireStick home page. It’s in the top menu bar.

firestick remote not working

2. Select the Remotes and Bluetooth devices option on the current screen.

Fire TV remote not working

3. FireStick will display a list of connected devices. Select the device you want to unpair and follow the instructions.

How to Fix Firestick Remote Not Working

I realized that the pairing process is not consistent on FireStick. In some cases it may take 2-3 attempts. Try pairing the FireStick remote several times using the steps above. Let’s take a look at some other fixes.

3. Inspect the FireStick Remote Batteries

For decades, if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, it’s the batteries in remote controls. Even today, remote controls are powered by batteries, and the FireStick is no different.

If anything happens to the battery, the FireStick remote will stop working. I noticed that FireStick notifies me of low batteries in the remote via on-screen notifications. However, this doesn’t always work.

Inspect the FireStick Remote Batteries

Sometimes battery leaks or corroded contacts can cause problems. Diagnosing a bad battery is difficult, especially since the remote’s batteries last for months together. I tap the back of the remote on the couch so it starts working. That said, this is only a temporary solution.

Here are some ways to check FireStick batteries:

  1. Remove the batteries and put them back in. Press gently to make sure it is securely in place.
  2. Battery polarity is essential. Remove the battery. You will find a sticker pointing in the right direction. Make sure to follow it.
  3. Sometimes we tend to mix older batteries with newer batteries. In such cases, the remote control may work for a few days. But it will stop working due to weaker batteries. Always replace remote control batteries in pairs and, if possible, opt for alkaline batteries.
  4. Keep a spare battery on hand. Replace it and check if it works. Otherwise, change the battery.
  5. Clean the battery contacts. Recently I noticed mine was corroded. Maybe it’s because I live near the sea. It can also happen due to battery leaks. Spray WD-40 on a dry cloth and clean the battery contact.

FireStick remote not working after changing the battery? Proceed to next steps

4. Reset the Fire TV Remote

It’s not very pleasant when the FireStick remote stops working. This mainly happens due to pairing issues. I assume you have tried the first step in this article. Yes, the one where you hold down the Home button.

Reset FireTV Remote

If that doesn’t work, the steps below should help:

  1. Unplug your FireStick from the power source. Make sure it is completely turned off.
  2. Press the following buttons simultaneously for at least 12 seconds – the LEFT Button, Menu Button, and the Back button.
    Note: press the LEFT And Menu buttons on the 1st generation Alexa Voice Remote.
  3. Release the buttons and wait about 5 seconds.
  4. Open the FireStick remote cover and remove the batteries.
  5. Plug the adapter back into the FireStick. Turn it on and wait for the home screen to appear with the message that a remote cannot be detected.
  6. Insert the remote control batteries.
  7. press the Home button to pair your remote.
    Note: Hold it Home button for 10 seconds if your remote is not paired.

So ! Your FireStick remote should start working.

5. Check Remote Compatibility

A different generation of FireStick devices comes with a unique remote control model. Some are backwards compatible, others are not. This is especially true if you are purchasing a new remote control. Make sure it is compatible.

Check compatibility remotely

Interestingly, Amazon also supports third-party remotes and game controllers. These are designed specifically for FireStick. However, avoid cheap replicas. They do more harm than good in the long run.

Look at this Amazon Fire TV Support Page. You will see FireStick devices with their compatible remotes.

6. Inspect the FireStick remote for damage

The FireStick remote uses a multitude of sensors and processors. Components tend to stop working when the remote hits a hard surface. On the other hand, remote controls often take daily abuse.

Inspect for damage

I suggest keeping the FireStick remote in a designated place. Additionally, FireStick remote cases protect your remote from impacts up to three meters away.

A remote replacement for the FireStick could cost almost half the price of the device. I suggest you use a silicone case and save money. If the remote is already damaged, you’re out of luck. It is not repairable and you will need to purchase a replacement.

7. Start from scratch by resetting FireStick to factory settings

Start from scratch by resetting FireStick to factory settings

Have you tried all the steps, but nothing seems to work? Don’t lose hope just yet. Sometimes pairing issues or software bugs can cause issues with the FireStick remote. Most often it is not possible to identify these problems.

The best way forward is to reset FireStick and install it again. Please do not restore a previous backup. The problem could be propagated via backup.

8. Use the Amazon Fire TV app as a remote alternative

Are you ready for a weekend binge and the FireStick remote has failed you? Been there, done that. I have a secret that allows you to use FireStick without a remote. The method is practical when your remote control does not work.

how to fix firestick remote not working

The Amazon Fire TV app is a simple FireStick remote app. It is available on iOS and Android. The app turns your smartphone into a FireStick remote control. That said, this is more of a makeshift arrangement. On the more positive side, you can continue your binge session without worry.


It’s very frustrating when the FireStick remote doesn’t work. The fixes mentioned in the article should help you resolve the issue with your FireStick remote. Typically, remote controls last three years or more. Avoid dropping it on any hard surface, including the floor. Replacing or reinserting the batteries usually helps repair the remote. Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.