How to Get Subtitles on Kodi | Enhance Your Streaming Experience

How to Get Subtitles on Kodi | Enhance Your Streaming Experience

This guide will focus on how to get subtitles on Kodi 20 Nexus and Kodi 19.5 Matrix. I have used the addon to set up and use subtitles for various videos. This tutorial also covers some primary FAWS and touches on correcting syncing issues and more. Let’s get started!

How to Get Subtitles on Kodi

Why Get Subtitles on Kodi?

There can be many reasons to get subtitles on Kodi. One of the top reasons is the language barrier. If you’re streaming content in another language, subtitles can help you understand what’s being said. Furthermore, subtitles provide clarity in dialogue. It means if any video has a low-quality sound output, subtitles can aid in understanding the conversations and talks between characters.

Hearing impairments are another reason a user may be inclined to get subtitle support on Kodi. In short, whether you’re multitasking, want sound clarity, or have any other reason, subtitles can help elevate your streaming experience.

Kodi addons do not come with built-in subtitle support. Therefore, you need to integrate subtitles to Kodi separately.

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How to Get Subtitles on Kodi with

First, you must create an account to get subtitles on Kodi with Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access the subtitles without completing the registration process. The following guide shows you how to:

  • Create an account
  • Download the Kodi Addon
  • Configure and use the addon

Part 1: Create an Account on OpenSubtitles

The first part of getting the addon is creating an account on the site. Here’s how you do it.

1. Open the web page of and hit the Register button on the top.

How to Get Subtitles on KodiHow to Get Subtitles on Kodi

2. For new users, a registration section will appear. Fill in the Username, Email, and Password tabs. Then, tick the Terms of Use checkbox and press Register.

click on register buttonclick on register button

3. Once your account is created, you will receive a confirmation email. It’s essential to confirm your registration to activate your account.

Subtitles on KodiSubtitles on Kodi

Open your email inbox, open the front by, and click the confirmation URL to proceed. Once the confirmation goes through, your account will become active. You can then choose to log in to your OpenSubtitles account.

Part 2: Install OpenSubtitles Kodi Addon

Now that you’ve registered with OpenSubtitles, the next step is to install the OpenSubtitles Kodi addon. Here are the steps you must follow:

1. Initiate Kodi on your device and hit the Cog symbol in the top left corner.

kodi settingskodi settings

2. The Settings menu will load up. Move right and click the Addons icon.


3. Now, swipe the list and press the Install from repository button.

install from repositoryinstall from repository

4. Select the Kodi Addon repository to proceed.


5. Navigate through the sections and click on Subtitles.

click on Subtitlesclick on Subtitles

6. Now select from the list.

select opensubtitles.orgselect

7. The dashboard will appear. Scroll down and hit the Install button to begin the process.

click on install buttonclick on install button

8. You can now see a Downloading sign next to Let the process complete.

9. Soon, you’ll receive the ‘ Addon installed‘ notification. Add-on Add-on installed

Congratulations! You’ve successfully gotten the OpenSubtitles addon on Kodi.

Part 3: Configure OpenSubittles Kodi Addon & Setting Up Subtitle Preference

Before you start streaming your favorite shows, the last step is to configure OpenSubtitles. You must also set up the subtitle preference on Kodi. Here’s how you do it:

1. In the Addons section, click to launch the addon dashboard.

kodi subtitleskodi subtitles

2. When the addons dashboard appears, navigate to and press the Configure button.

click on configure buttonclick on configure button

3. The Settings menu of will pop up. Complete the login process to configure the settings. To do that, first, click the Username tab.

select username tabselect username tab

4. Enter your Username associated with OpenSubtitles and select OK.

click on ok buttonclick on ok button

5. Next, select the Password tab.

select password tabselect password tab

6. Put in your Password and choose OK.

how to use subtitles on kodihow to use subtitles on kodi

7. Recheck the entered details once and hit OK to proceed.

click on ok buttonclick on ok button

8. Return to the System/Settings menu and press the Player icon.


9. Scroll down the menu on the left and choose Subtitles.

select subtitlesselect subtitles

10. Then click the Default TV show service tab.

click the Default TV show serviceclick the Default TV show service

11. Change the Subtitles Settings from None to

subtitles on kodisubtitles on kodi

12. Select the Default movie service tab.

select Default movie service tabselect Default movie service tab

13. Again, select in the Subtitles menu.

subtitle services for kodisubtitle services for kodi

Congratulations! You have now enabled Subtitles on Kodi.

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expressvpn for kodiexpressvpn for kodi

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How to Get Subtitles Without Registration on Kodi with

Although OpenSubtitles is an excellent subtitle service, it’s not the only one. I personally love the versatility and wide variety of subtitles available on OpenSubtitles. But the registration and setup may require a little effort.

So, if you prefer a quick and easy setup process, has you covered. It is another subtitle service that works great on Kodi.

Although Subscene doesn’t have as many subtitles available as OpenSubtitles, it will get the job done. The best part? Follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to the main page of Kodi. Then, select the Cog logo on the top.

kodi settingskodi settings

2. In the Settings section, scroll and select the Player icon.


3. Select the Default TV show service button in the Subtitles section.

Select the Default TV show serviceSelect the Default TV show service

4. Select Get more.

click on get more buttonclick on get more button

5. From the list, select Subscene Subtitles.

select Subscene Subtitlesselect Subscene Subtitles

6. The installation of Subscene Subtitles will begin. Please wait for the process to complete.

how to use subtitles on kodihow to use subtitles on kodi

7. After the installation, Subscene Subtitles will appear beside the Default TV Show tab. Now, select the Default movie service tab.

select the Default movie service tabselect the Default movie service tab

8. Select Subscene Subtitles to make it the default option.

That’s about it. You have now enabled subtitles by Subscene for movies and TV shows.

How to Enable & Use Subtitles on Kodi

The OpenSubtitles addon has various subtitles for movies and episodes. It gives you the option to download your preferred subtitle file. But first, you need to enable subtitles on Kodi. Follow these steps to enable the subtitle settings and use them on Kodi:

1. Play any video on Kodi and tap the Subtitles logo on the bottom right side of the display.

how to get subtitles on Kodihow to get subtitles on Kodi

2. First, ensure that the Enable Subtitles switch is toggled on.

Enable SubtitlesEnable Subtitles

3. Then, scroll down and select Download subtitle.

select Download subtitleselect Download subtitle

4. Select or any other service.

how to use subtitles on kodihow to use subtitles on kodi

5. You can now view all the available subtitles for the show or movie. Select a Subtitle file from the list of available options.

installing subtitles on kodiinstalling subtitles on kodi

6. The selected subtitles will start to download. You can play the particular when the download completes deo and enjoy subtitles support.

kodi subtitleskodi subtitles

Fixing Out of Sync Subtitles

If the downloaded subtitles are out of sync, there are two ways to fix it. You can either download new subtitles and try them. Or, you can use the subtitle offset feature to sync them. Here’s how:

1. Again, play a show you want to get subtitles for. Then, press the Subtitles button on the bottom right side.

subtitles on kodisubtitles on kodi

2. Now, click Subtitle offset.

click Subtitle offsetclick Subtitle offset

3. Use the Subtitle offset bar to sync the subtitles with the video content.

how to get subtitles on Kodihow to get subtitles on Kodi


Here are some subtitles on the Kodi FAQs.

Why can’t I find subtitles for my favorite TV show or movie?

If you can’t find the subtitles for your favorite TV shows on any subtitles addon, they are unavailable on the platform. So many movies and TV shows are available that an addon can’t have subtitles for each one.

To fix the issue, you can use a different subtitle service and see if they have the required subtitles. Popular subtitle addons include OpenSubtitles, Shooter, Subscene Subtitles, and more.

I can’t see subtitles in some Kodi addons; what should I do?

The easiest way to fix the subtitles issue in any Kodi addon is to reinstall the file. If that doesn’t work, you can also use an alternate subtitles addon to get the subtitles for the movie.

What are some other official subtitle addons I can add to Kodi?

There are plenty of amazing subtitles addons for Kodi. Although OpenSubtitles is a great option, you can choose any other too. Some of the options include:

  • ZiMuKuX
  • Super Subtitles
  • Legendas.TV
  • BSPlayer Subtitle
  • Divxplanet
  • Shooter etc

Final Words

This guide highlights everything about how to get subtitles on Kodi. is undoubtedly one of the top Kodi addons due to its wide range of available subtitles for most shows and movies. However, if you’re not a fan of the lengthy registration and setup process, you can use Subscene Subtitles to get the subtitles. Not only that, there are a bunch of other Kodi addons dedicated to subtitles that you can get via different repositories.