How to Install Simplex 20 Build on Kodi in Easy Steps 2023 – 2024

How to Install Simplex 20 Build on Kodi in Easy Steps 2023 – 2024

This blog will tell you how to install Simplex Build on Kodi. Furthermore, I will list whether the specific Kodi Build is legal and safe. The tutorial applies to all Kodi-supported gadgets like Windows PC, Android, FireStick, and many more. Let’s start with describing Simplex 20 Build.

What is Simplex 20 Build?

Simplex 20 is a free Kodi Build in the cMaN Repository containing many content streaming options. This build has various movies, TV shows, live TV, Networks, Kids’, and sports content.

Simplex 20 Build supports most Android-powered gadgets, including Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, FireStick, NVIDIA Shield, and more.

Unfortunately, it is not available on Kodi’s official Repository. It puts a considerable dent in Simplex’s safety and legal status. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic build to watch buffer-free content anytime, anywhere.

Attention KODI Users: Read before you continue

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Is Simplex Safe?

Simplex is a third-party Kodi build to download on FireStick for lag-free streaming. But is the third party safe to use? Honestly, I am not quite sure myself. With unofficial builds like Simplex, it’s difficult to claim their safety status.

Unfortunately, FireStickHow doesn’t have the resources or the expertise to do so. Therefore, I recommend researching before downloading Simplex 20 Kodi Build. Your privacy and safety are the priority.

However, I ran cMaN’s Wizard Repository file through an online virus checker, VirusTotal. Gladly, the results were safe. Check out below:

Is Simplex Safe?

Is Simplex Legal?

There are many questions about the legal status of Simplex. Unfortunately, FireStickHow can’t guarantee the legal status of Simplex. That’s because it is a third-party build unavailable on Kodi’s official Repository.

No one can guarantee whether Simplex’s content, add-ons and other stuff are legal. So it is pretty impossible to make a claim. Hence, I advise using a safe VPN like ExpressVPN while using Simplex. It will enhance your streaming experience and protect your data privacy.

Features of Simplex Build

The top features of Simplex Build are:

  • Lag-free streaming.
  • Various add ons available.
  • The interface is easy to customize.
  • Easy to navigate and clearly marked sections and subsections.
  • Diverse content ranges from movies, TV shows, Live TV, and more.
  • The resume-watching button allows you to start streaming from where they left off.

How to Install Simplex Kodi Build

Brace yourself! Installing Simples Kodi Build is not so simple. There are various steps involved in the installation. Nonetheless, the result is worth it. I have categorized the installation process into parts for your better understanding. Let’s begin.

Part 1: Unknown Sources

The first step is to enable unknown sources. It will allow Kodi to accept third-party add-ons.

Here’s how you do it:

1. On the Kodi home page, tap the Cog icon to launch Settings.

how to install simplex kodi build

2. Scroll and select the System button.

kodi system

3. Select Add-ons from the list on the left side of the system menu.

kodi addons

4. Go to Unknown Sources and toggle the switch to turn it on.

turn-on unknown sources

5. You’ll get a Warning pop-up message. Please ignore it and tap on Yes.

simplex kodi build

And that’s it. The first step to installing Simples Build on Kodi is complete. Let’s proceed further!

Part 2: Add cMaN’s Wizard Repository Source

You can’t complete the installation without adding cMaN’s Wizard Repository. Here’s how to add and install its source:

1. Go to Kodi Settings by tapping the Cog icon on the top of the home page.


2. The System menu will appear. Select File manager.

kodi file manager

3. Choose Add source from the File Manager menu on the left.

simplex addon on kodi

4. The Add File Source pop-up menu will appear. Select <None> to add the source.

kodi build simplex

5. Type in the entry bar and hit OK.

Disclaimer: The above URL is the official property of cMaN’s Wizard Repository. FireStickHow is not associated with the developers of this repository.

repo link

6. Repo is the default name Kodi gives to your file source. Tap the repo bar to rename it.

simplex build on kodi

7. You can now enter your desired name for the repo. But remember to keep it simple so you can place it when required. For example, I am changing the name to cman. Once you are done, click OK to proceed.

install simplex 20 kodi build

8. Click OK after going through the entered information once.

click on ok button

9. Return to the System menu and click the Add-ons tab.

kodi addons

10. Scroll and select the Install from zip file option.

install from zip file

11. Select the repo name in the list. Here I am tapping on cman.

choose repo name

12. Select

13. The cMaN’s Wizard Repository will start to install. Wait for a few moments for the Add-on installed notification to pop up.

cMaN's Wizard Repository installed

The second part of installing Simplex Build on Kodi is now complete. Let’s move along!

Part 3: Install the cMaN’s Wizard Repository

Now is the time to install the cMaN’s Wizard Repository; here are the steps:

1. In the Add-ons menu, tap the Install from repository tab.

install from repository

2. Scroll and select the cMaN’s Wizard Repository button.

cMaN’s Wizard Repository

3. Open up the Program add-ons sub-section.


4. Launch cMaN Wizard 19.

cMaN Wizard 19

5. You will view the cMan Wizard 19 dashboard. It includes information about the wizard and a few other categories. Press the Install button to continue.

click on Install button

6. cMan Wizard 19 will start to download. You can view the progress on the screen.

downloading cMan Wizard 19

7. You’ll get the cMan Wizard 19 Add-on installed pop-up notification when the Add-on installs.

cMan Wizard 19 Add-on installed

With this, I am wrapping up the second last part of installing Simplex Build on Kodi. The last part is mentioned below.

Part 4: Install the Simplex Build

The final part of installing Simplex Build revolves around installing Simplex through cMan Wizard.

Here’s how.

1. The First Run menu of the cMan Wizard will appear on your screen. Customize the settings and hit Continue.

click on continue button

2. A no build installed pop-up message will appear. Tap Close.

tap on close button

3. Return to the Kodi home screen and tap Add-ons from the sections on the left.

kodi addons

4. First, select Program add-ons in the left-side menu. Then, launch cMan Wizard 19.

launch cMan Wizard 19

5. Click the Builds button.

select Builds menu

6. Scroll and open Simplex 20 from the list.

choose Simplex 20

7. Click Fresh Install.

Note: Selecting Fresh Install will remove all your personal data before installing the build.

click on Fresh install button

8. Click Yes in the prompt to proceed with the installation.

click on yes button

9. cMan Wizard will start downloading the essential files. Wait for the process to complete.

kodi build simplex

10. Till then, you can view the progress, size, and speed of installation on the screen.

simplex build

11. Tap OK to Force close Kodi and save the changes.

click ok to force close kodi

And that’s a wrap. However, the good news is that you can now enjoy Simplex Build without flinching.

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Overview of Simplex Kodi Build

Here’s what you’ll get after installing Simplex Kodi Build. The Simplex main page is divided into 11 sections. They are System, Movies, TV Shows, Free, Search, Networks, Cman Wizard, System, Kids Zone, Sports, and Live TV.

simplex 20 build homepage

Tap the Movies section to view your movie streaming options.

select movies

You can select movies, TV shows, and more on the list. By default, you’ll be taken to the Quicksilver Kodi addon.

simplex build for kodi

To open the Movies section of other addons, you can select the icon of available addons. I’m choosing Asgard.

choose asgard

Here, you can see Asgard Kodi’s addon sub-sections.

Asgard Kodi addon sub-sections

Next, select the TV Shows button to launch it.

select tv shows

By default, clicking TV Shows will take you to the Quicksilver Kodi addon.

how to watch tv shows on simplex 20 kodi build

Next, tap the Free button.

click on free button

Here you can view the content available in the Free category. By default, the Simplex Free section takes you to Scrubs V2.

kodi build simplex

The Search menu lets you explore new and different streaming options.

simplex kodi build guide

The Kids Zone section entails everything catering to kids’ viewership.


After the Kids Zone is the Sports section, the sub-section contains content related to the category.


As the name suggests, the Live TV menu contains live viewing options and content.

live-tv section

The following section is called Networks.

select networks section

The following menu is called Cman Wizard. You can open it to access cMaN’s Wizard options.


The last menu is called System. This section lets you access File manager, Skin, Add-on Browser, and more.

how to install simplex 20 kodi build

Wrapping Up

The article highlighted the step-by-step process on how to install Simplex 20 Kodi Build. This Kodi Build will surely enhance your streaming experience. It contains all kinds of content, including kids’ stuff, movies, TV shows, Live TV, and much more. I am sure you gathered the required information from the tutorial. Let me know how you found it in the comments below.