How to Install Smokin Kodi Build for a Complete Kodi Makeover 2024


This tutorial lays out instructions to install Smokin Kodi Build on any device. You may follow these instructions on FireStick (4K, 4K Max, Lite, 3rd Gen, and more), Fire TV Cube, Fire OS TV Sets, Mobiles & Tablets, PC & Mac, Raspberry Pi, and more.

How to Install Smokin Kodi Build

What Is Smokin Build?

Smokin Build is a Kodi software that gives a complete makeover to the Kodi interface. This build comes from the popular Stream Digital repository. Since you are here, I assume you already have a basic idea of Kodi builds. When you install the Smokin build, you get a new UI with many new intuitive elements.

Smokin build brings more fluidity to Kodi. At the same time, it gives you tons of preinstalled addons. Since Smokin features several preloaded Kodi addons, there is no need to install addons manually. In simple words, try the Smokin build if you want to experience Kodi in a new way.

Attention KODI Users: Read before you continue

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Is Smokin Build Safe?

I have been using the Smokin build for a while. I have never had any safety issues. I run it on a computer with antivirus. There haven’t been any red flags.

However, to further corroborate this, I used a reputable online antivirus, Virus Total. I scanned the file used for installing the Stream Digital repository. The scan did not show any bugs, malware, or viruses. Here is a copy of the result:

 Smokin Kodi Build

It seems the build is safe.

Is It Legal?

The answer to this question depends on how you intend to use the build. If you are installing the build only to change the interface of Kodi, there’s nothing to be concerned about.

However, remember that the Smokin build packs a bunch of third-party and unverified Kodi addons. You might bump into unauthorized video streams from unlicensed providers if you use these addons to watch movies, shows, or other content. As a result, you may get involved in copyright infringement.

To stay safe, watch videos in the public domain (copyright-free videos). Furthermore, I recommend connecting to ExpressVPN while using Smokin build to hide your streaming data to have complete peace of mind.

How to Install Smokin Kodi Build

Smokin is a build from an external source. When you download and install a build from an external source, you go through several additional steps compared to an official source.

The process is still easy to follow. However, I am dividing it into 4 parts to make the steps more manageable. Here is the flow of the process:

  • Part 1: Tweak a Kodi Security Setting to Allow Sideloading
  • Part 2: Add the Stream Digital Repository Source Path
  • Part 3: Install the Stream Digital Wizard Repo from its Source
  • Part 4: Install the Smokin Kodi Build

I have provided a brief explanation of each piece. So, if it seems a bit overwhelming, trust me, it will get easier.

Part 1: Change a Kodi Setting to Allow Sideloading

A default setting within Kodi does not allow you to sideload third-party or unofficial builds and addons. Sideloading is the method to install builds or addons from external sources. However, to allow flexibility to its users, Kodi lets you tweak this setting and enable sideloading.

Follow the steps and tweak the setting:

1. Let’s click the cog icon on Kodi’s home screen. You will find it in the top-left section under the Kodi logo. It will open the Settings menu.

How to Install Smokin Kodi Build

2. Next, select and open the folder System in the lower-right.

kodi system

3. Find your way to Add-ons > Unknown Sources. By default, Unknown Sources is disabled. Flip the toggle and enable it.

Unknown Sources

4. To confirm you wish to enable Unknown Sources, click Yes on this prompt.

click on Yes button

That’s it! You may sideload any addon or build you want.

Part 2: Add the Stream Digital Repository Source Path

To install the Smokin build, you need the Stream Digital Repository. However, this repository is hosted on an external website. In this section, you will add the source path to the repository’s website. That’s how Kodi will know where to install it from.

The steps are as follows:

1. Go to the Kodi Settings window again by choosing the cog icon on the home screen.

kodi settings

2. Now, click the folder File manager.

kodi File manager

3. Depending upon your device, you may need to click or double-click Add source on the next screen.

select Add source

4. A popup is displayed. Click the box where you see <None>.

click on none option

5. You may now use the onscreen keyboard and type the Stream Digital repository source path

Give the path a quick second look to ensure you typed it right. Click OK and move ahead.

Disclaimer: The above URL belongs to the developers/creators of the Stream Digital Repository. FireStickHow has no association with the developers.

enter repo link

6. After adding the path, you can name it. As you can see in the image below, it has taken the default value, wiz. If you want to change it to a more relatable one, click the input box like I am.

Enter a media source name

7. I am choosing SD, an acronym for Stream Digital. If you have any different name in your mind, please feel free to use it. Click OK when you are done.

Click on OK button

8. The custom name you typed replaces the default name.

smokin build on kodi

9. Choose OK to move ahead.

 Click OK to continue

10. If everything went as planned, the custom path name appears on the window where you clicked Add Source.

Click custom path name

You have provided the source path and path name. Let’s move to the next section.

Part 3: Install the SD Wizard Repository

In the following steps, you are going to install the SD Wizard Repository from the source path you added in the previous section:

1. Open the Kodi Settings menu one last time. Choose the folder Add-ons.

kodi addons

2. Click the folder named Install from zip file.

 Install from zip file

3. When prompted, click Yes to confirm you wish to continue.

click on Yes button

4. Click the custom path name you typed earlier. It’s SD for us.

smokin kodi build

5. The following window shows the file Click and open this repository file to install the Stream Digital repository.

streamdigital repository zip file

6. It won’t take long. Kodi will display a notification in the upper-right section and confirm that the repository has been installed. Don’t press any button. Stay on this screen.

stream digital Add on installed

That’s how you install the repository.

Part 4: Instructions to Install the Smokin Kodi Build

In the following steps, you will install the Stream Digital Wizard, followed by the Smokin Kodi build:

1. Open the folder Install from repository.

Note: If you changed to another screen, go to Kodi Settings > Add-ons.

install from repository

2. Open the option Stream Digital (this is the repository you installed in the previous section).

select Stream Digital 

3. Open the folder Program add-ons.

Program add-ons

4. Click Stream Digital (yes, the name of the Wizard is the same as the repository).

 Click Stream Digital

5. Locate and click the Install button on the following window.

click on install button

6. Hit OK on the popup that appears next.

additional addons

7. You can see the Stream Digital Wizard download and installation progress on the screen. Wait a minute.

Stream Digital Wizard download

8. As soon as the installation is finished, Kodi will display the confirmation at the top.

stream digital addon installed

9. Immediately, a popup is displayed. You may enable the desired settings if you know what you are doing. But if you aren’t sure, leave it be and click Continue.

click Continue

10. You may choose Build Menu on this prompt and skip to step 15. If you click Ignore, follow the next step to navigate to the build menu from the Kodi home screen.

click on Ignore

11. Click Dismiss to get rid of this change log popup window.

Click on Dismiss button

12. Go back to Kodi’s home screen (press the back button a few times). Then, click Add-ons on the vertical menu on the left.

Click Add-ons

13. Just highlight the Program add-ons in the vertical menu on the left but don’t click it. Open Stream Digital on the right.

Program add-ons

14. Click Builds to open the Stream Digital build menu on the next screen.

select Builds tab

15. Scroll down to the bottom and click Smokin Build.

select Smokin Build

16. Click Install on this screen.

 Click Install

17. Click Yes, Install. You are confirming the installation of the build.

 Click Yes, Install

18. Please wait now. SD Wizard is now downloading the installation files of the Smokin build. This may take a bit, depending on your connection and location.

SD Wizard is downloading

19. Kodi will install the Smokin build when the files have been downloaded. You can see the live update on the screen. Give it a few seconds.

 Smokin build

20. Finally, you may click OK and complete the installation by force-closing Kodi.

click on OK button

That’s it! This is how you install the Smokin Kodi build.

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Overview of Smokin Build

Let me give you a give rundown of the build.

The Smokin build will load after relaunching the Kodi app. If it’s the first run, you will encounter a bunch of prompts (image below). If it asks you to install an addon, please ensure you click Yes.

click on yes button

If there is an update to the build, it’s best you install it and get it out of the way so that you don’t keep running into the prompt. Click Install if you see this prompt. You may skip the following steps if you do not get the update prompt.

Click Install

Confirm by clicking the button, Yes, Install.

click Yes, Install

Wait for the update to download.

kodi build smokin

When the download is complete, the build will ask if you wish to reset Kodi before updating the build (Fresh Install) or continue without resetting (No Thanks).

Since you are running the build for the first time, it hardly matters which option you choose. The build is already fresh. However, choose No Thanks if you have been using the Smokin build for a while and do not wish to remove customizations, data, and settings. I am doing the same for demonstration.

smokin kodi build guide

When the update has been installed, Kodi will revert to its default interface briefly. Click OK to save the changes and force close the Kodi app.

Click OK to save

The following image shows the home screen of Kodi when the Smokin Build has loaded completely.

smokin kodi build home screen

As you can see, the build has a horizontal menu along with a submenu. You can cycle through the menu to explore categories, such as Movies, Kids, Shows, Sports, Music, and more.

Press the up navigation button or key to bring up the recommended videos for the selected category. For instance, the image below displays the recommended content for the category Movies/Kids.

how to install smokin kodi build

That’s pretty much about the build. If you need help exploring the build or have any feedback, suggestion, or questions, please feel free to get in touch in the comments section below.

Winding Up

So, this guide demonstrated how to install Smokin Kodi build on any device. It is a streaming-friendly build that lets you choose your favorite content from the home screen. In addition, the build features numerous preinstalled addons so that you don’t have to install them separately.